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Which speed do you need?

Keep your staff working and customers happy by choosing the internet speed that fits your company best

Computer screen with video conferencing

If you’re a small-business owner looking to avoid online lags and interruptions – not to mention employee inefficiency and unhappy customers – make sure you have the right internet package, taking into account both the number of users and their online activities.

Make sure you have the right internet package, taking into account both the number of users and their online activities.

Use this guide to help you determine which speed might be the best fit for your business.

Download: up to 30 Mbps / Upload: up to 5 Mbps

This is a standard speed for entry-level business-internet packages. You and one or two employees will be able to check email, browse the Web and engage with and monitor social media without any trouble; however, adding more concurrent users or devices will begin to clog your network.

Best for: Sole proprietors and small partnerships – such as a contractor or a boutique retailer – with no more than a few employees and limited need for internet.

Download: up to 150 Mbps / Upload: up to 20 Mbps

This modest boost in speed supports the same number of staff as above, but using more devices. Plus, it's a good starting benchmark for running regularly scheduled data backups and facilitating high-definition video conferencing – a key internet requirement for companies that need to keep in close contact with remote clients and workers.

Best for: Small businesses including retailers with up to five employees – such as a catering company or an interior-design firm – using multiple devices, and with slightly more sophisticated internet needs than those using a 100 Mbps/10 Mbps speed.

Download: up to 500 Mbps / Upload: up to 20 Mbps

Speeds up to 500 Mbps will easily support an office of 10 employees who rely on the internet – and multiple devices – to do their jobs. Better still, staff will be able to participate in HD videoconference calls, and you'll be able to deploy real-time data-backup solutions to prevent potential data loss.

Best for: Businesses with up to 10 Web-savvy employees – such as marketing and PR firms, tech startups and Web designers – whose roles require heavy use of the internet in various contexts.

Download: up to 1 Gbps / Upload: up to 50 Mbps

As you approach 1 Gbps speeds, you remove the barriers to what you and your team can do online. A gigabit connection geared for small businesses will easily support up to 30 staff doing anything they need to do online – simultaneously and using multiple devices. That means 4K videoconferencing, streaming video, frequent and heavy file sharing and offering visitors guest access to your network.

Best for: Businesses with up to 30 local staff and heavy internet usage, such as game studios, cafes and restaurants and architecture firms.

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