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Touchless giving™ with tiptap and Rogers Business

Breakfast Club of Canada serves up a festive giving event powered by tiptap, Rogers Business and Breakfast Television

News reporter using the tiptap machine

Food insecurity and poor nutritional choices have a serious impact on the health and education of our youth. In Canada, one in five children live in poverty, and one in three are at risk of going to school on an empty stomach.1

Breakfast Club of Canada (BCC) places children’s health and development first and serves as an integral support to communities. They reach more than 513,489 children through 3,362 programs across Canada, making sure every child has an equal chance to learn.2

According to BCC, a child’s energy levels, problem solving skills, creativity, concentration, and behaviour are negatively affected when they go to school on an empty stomach. They believe every child in Canada should have access to the nourishment they need to succeed. By delivering a high-quality national breakfast program in schools, they are helping to create a nurturing environment, where children and youth can flourish.

Supporting charitable organizations through fundraising can be challenging as less and less people carry cash these days. To address this issue, BCC collaborated with tiptap, an Ontario-based scaleup that offers a simple, secure solution to capture touchless payment contributions. With a predetermined fixed amount on each device, people can easily tap their cards or phones to donate to this cause.

Team-up for success 

This December, Rogers and tiptap helped Breakfast Television raise over $95,000 in support of Breakfast Club of Canada and their important work helping our youth and communities flourish.

Technology facilitating charitable giving

“tiptap has created a simple, safe, and cost-effective way to capture contactless contributions for those in need. This is the heart of our story and our core mission, and the inspiration of the technology we have built and continue to improve upon. Our aim is to lift up communities and organizations with the power of tap, and it’s an honour to collaborate with BCC, Rogers Business, and Breakfast Television for this charitable activity,” says Chris Greenfield, CEO and founder of tiptap.

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the use of cashless and touchless payments™. Chris Greenfield had this in mind when developing tiptap’s touchless technology, helping patrons to safely support and fund those in need. To bring their solution to market, tiptap looked for a network provider with the right qualities to support the development of their technology.

That is why they turned to Rogers Business to bring their solution to life. As Canada’s most reliable network3, Rogers provides strong and reliable connectivity to power secure IoT solutions across the country.

To learn more about powering your solutions with Rogers IoT networks, speak to your Rogers account representative or visit us at


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