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Transform your business with Data Centre and Cloud solutions

Easily manage your cloud solutions online, with Rogers myAccount

Watch this video to learn more about myAccount’s functionality and how it can help your business.

The way we work is changing, with many businesses and employees transitioning to remote or hybrid work. This requires a robust IT infrastructure to handle the demands of data storage and security as well as hosting applications online. Building and maintaining such a robust IT system can prove to be expensive and tedious. 

Migrating to the cloud helps you with 4 key challenges: 

High costs: Moving to the cloud can be expensive especially if you set up your own dedicated IT infrastructure. In addition to expensive hardware, you will also need employees to manage and run your systems. Data centres offer a cost-effective way to share resources and costs.

Complex management: Managing your IT systems can be time-consuming, whether you are using third-party providers or managing your system directly. To ensure all your business needs are met, you may need to sign-up for more than one third-party provider. This means managing each system individually and may even require a dedicated person to manage them all. It is easier to leverage a system with everything you need in one place, so you can manage it on your own.

Regulatory demands: Depending on your business you may have to securely store customer data, transaction information, security tapes etc. in a secure facility under Canadian jurisdiction. Some third-party providers may not have facilities in Canada or be able to guarantee your information stays in Canada. Operating your own storage may ensure your information is stored in Canada, but it can be expensive to set up, operate and maintain.    

Ensuring scalability:  As demands and needs change, so will your system and server requirements. Utilizing your own IT system gives you the freedom to make changes but can be expensive and time consuming. Leveraging a third-party solution may allow you to increase bandwidth and services but may not allow you to reduce usage easily. You need a system that can accommodate your needs as your demands and requirements change.

Easily transition to the Cloud with an online self-serve portal 

Rogers for Business can support you with Data Centre and Cloud solutions. You can find the right solution to meet your business needs and have the ability to manage your solution online with Rogers myAccount. This easy-to-use self-serve portal allows you to remotely manage and monitor your services, consolidate your services and bills, manage your security functions, create support tickets, and access user guides.  

Cloud solutions along with Rogers myAccount give you all the tools, services and support you need to successfully transition to the cloud or leverage cloud systems for your business.

To learn more about Data Centre and Cloud solutions with Rogers for Business, speak to your Rogers account representative today or visit us at