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Carol Colizza: Strength and Determination for International Women's Month

International Women's Month offers an ideal opportunity to present portraits of women with remarkable careers, like Carol Colizza. President of a family business comprising 18 Rogers boutiques in the greater Montreal area, she also heads a powerful corporate sales team. Thanks to her strength of character and go-getter attitude, Carol has become a model of determination and commitment. She is a true source of inspiration for her team and customers alike.

A Passion for Growth and Innovation

Carol has developed a truly professional approach to personal development, as she is constantly seeking to learn and adapt to new opportunities. She places great importance on enriching her knowledge in a variety of fields and building lasting professional relationships. This approach has ensured that we remain at the forefront of the technological developments that are transforming our industry.

A Daily Routine Dedicated to Excellence

Carol's typical day is a testament to her boundless commitment. She starts her day with e-mail management, followed by multiple meetings and constant interaction with her team. This is followed by meetings with customers and suppliers, who are always high on her agenda. Carol is deeply involved in all aspects of her business.

Her Core Leadership Values

Carol is proud of her team, which she describes as exceptional, ambitious, and committed. She is pleased to see that the team reflects her own management style: respectful, inclusive, and fair. These three principles guide her every action, decision and reaffirm her commitment to ethical and responsible leadership.

Exemplary Strength and Commitment

Her ambition and determination come from all the strong women in her family. Like her mother and grandmothers, she draws on the cultural diversity of Quebec. She is committed to the cause of women, especially single mothers. Carol is involved in her community and has made significant commitments in support of many organizations and causes.

Lessons and Recommendations

Carol regularly shares valuable lessons with her team, such as the need to take risks, trust one's instincts and value complementarity within teams. She encourages women around the world to support each other in positively influencing the business landscape in every corner of the globe.

By celebrating International Women's Month through Carol Colizza's journey, we recognize not only her personal and professional success, but her inspirational role for future generations of women. Her trajectory is a reminder that, despite the challenges, perseverance and solidarity remain a clear path to success.