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Remote care monitoring: Helping patients stay home safer and longer

GRT Health and Toronto Grace Health Centre showcase how remote monitoring care can transform the lives of patients.

Most people think of hospitals as temporary hubs to address urgent concerns before being discharged back home. However, what happens when a person struggles with long-term health concerns and simply does not have the support they need at home? This leads patients, often seniors, to extend their stay in the hospital, increasing costs and the demands placed on the healthcare system. 

It’s an ongoing issue close to the hearts of GRT Health President and CEO, Alan Ruth and Toronto Grace Health Centre CEO Jake Tran. The duo have worked closely together over the past three years to implement remote care monitoring solutions in patient homes for a more holistic approach to healthcare. With devices wearable pendants, medication dispensers and monitoring systems, patients can reside safely in the comfort of their own home with the assurance of 24/7 monitoring.

Powered by IoT SIMs from Rogers Business, the smart devices come at no cost to the patient. Starting with only two trial patients, the program boomed in popularity and thousands now participate across the province.

Discover how this revolutionary program began by viewing our video.