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3 considerations when evaluating IoT asset management solutions

Experience operational enhancements, improved ROI and better customer service through purpose-built IoT solutions.

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New technology is changing how physical assets are monitored, tracked and secured. As the Internet of Things (IoT) continues to expand and evolve, it's playing an important role in helping companies improve the way they manage their assets.

Thanks largely to powerful new networking technologies such as LTE-M and NB-IoT, both small and large IoT asset management solutions are affordable in addition to being fast to implement and integrate. They provide valuable, real-time insights and analysis to help you make money-saving decisions, and scale quickly as needed. 

As an established leader in IoT services with industry-leading partners, Rogers can help you choose, deploy and implement tried and tested solutions in a variety of hardware form factors for plug-and-play simplicity. We also provide managed services to help you get the most out of your investment, ensuring easy scalability so that your IoT solution grows easily and naturally alongside your business.

We’ve helped many businesses implement IoT asset tracking and management solutions and would like to share three key considerations as you evaluate solutions for your operations.

Aim for a better return on your investments

The money you put into your assets, whether they are computers, refrigeration units, construction equipment or generators, is significant. IoT technologies help protect these assets and ensure you get the most out of your investment.

A good IoT solution can help protect against theft and loss by using real-time GPS alerts to instantly notify staff when an asset isn't where it's supposed to be—whether that means it's gone off-route during travel, is experiencing an unexpected stop where tampering may occur or has been removed from a fixed location.

More than that, the right IoT solution will help you keep equipment at peak operational performance and efficiency. You can be sure your equipment is physically present where and when it needs to be for maximum effectiveness. By having a clearer understanding of asset usage, you'll be able to better manage maintenance schedules and avoid costly delays. It all adds up to a noticeable improvement in the return you see on capital investments.

Tap into better analytics for improved decision making

Good decisions need quality information; IoT solutions deliver critical data to inform your operations.

This goes beyond simply knowing the location and condition of assets in order to keep them functioning. Look for an intuitive portal and dashboard using open API that can be accessed on a variety of devices, including both desktop and mobile. This provides easily customizable analytics, such as the availability and rate of depletion of product inventory, how often equipment is in use, how much time it spends in transit between sites and whether assets of similar types outperform each other.

All of this helps you make informed decisions that impact your bottom line: including valuable discoveries that improve staff and equipment scheduling as well as ensuring efficient product procurement by understanding optimal usage. It can even help inform future purchases by providing insight into which of your current pieces of equipment are performing most reliably and at peak efficiency.

Consider where IoT can help improve customer service

IoT-assisted asset management doesn't just enhance internal operations; it can also be a competitive advantage. Serving clients and customers as you provide them with improved products and services is a great example.

IoT devices can monitor variables such as temperature and humidity to help ensure a distributor's goods are compliant with industry standards and regulations—key for cold chain environments. It can also help optimize transportation routes for traffic and provide more accurate visibility and arrival times for deliveries. This helps clients organize their schedules, maintain efficiency and save time while also staying on top of chain of custody. And contractors can leverage device usage to efficiently deploy key tools and equipment, helping to get work done more quickly to meet or beat deadlines.

The right IoT asset tracking solution isn't just a boon for you and your staff; it's also a secret weapon to outdo your competitors by providing the sort of reliability and above-and-beyond service that retains customers and makes them rave about your business to colleagues.

Rogers IoT asset management solutions are designed by experts with decades of experience, providing one-stop shop simplicity with hardware, software and connectivity bundled together. Backed by Canada's most trusted network,* our solutions are built on a reliable infrastructure, benefit from low-power, low-data technologies to enable cost-effective IoT deployments of any size. Plus, monthly fees help ease the burden of your initial capital expenditure.

Contact a Rogers Asset consultant to learn more and make the most of everything IoT asset management can do for your business.

*Based on total wireless subscribers