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Help protect your drivers and your bottom line

Dashcams enhance driver safety while saving on insurance and maintenance

Driver and passenger view of street with icons

Any business relying on vehicles faces certain challenges — once your vehicles are on the road, you have no direct access to vehicle status or driver behaviour from moment to moment. At the same time, the driver faces a world of other drivers who may be distracted, not obeying the rules or taking unnecessary risks. For fleet owners and managers, these challenges are multiplied across your entire fleet of vehicles and pool of drivers.

Keeping drivers safe and reducing risks on the road are top priorities for all companies with vehicles. Crashes, collisions, repairs and injuries can cost your business time, money and reputation. Training programs help, but addressing problems works best when you tailor coaching to each driver’s needs

Raise the bar on driver safety & find cost efficiencies

Give your business and drivers the support they need with a dashcam solution from Rogers Business. And you’ll help protect and retain drivers by increasing safety behind the wheel and helping reduce at-work stress. When your drivers know they’re supported and have in-cab tools to help avoid undesirable events, they’ll have more confidence in their work.

Your business can also lower insurance costs, as providers often offer lower rates when driver safety solutions are in place. Dual-facing dash cameras that alert your driver to potential problems can be a great start. When incidents occur, dashcams can help save on claim costs. When incidents occur, a video recording will help fast-track investigations and insurance claims—and potentially save you money.  When both drivers claim no fault, unbiased video footage is indispensable.

A dashcam solution improves driver coaching as well. You can tailor driver feedback to any identified behaviours, and your drivers will be empowered to self-identify any areas of improvement after the trip is complete. This leads to enhanced real-world training by providing real-time, in-cab alerts when violations are detected, without the driver removing their eyes from the road. A dedicated dashboard with score system shows the driver their performance points. 

Monitoring and improving overall driver behaviour can reduce operational and maintenance costs—and not just in terms of collisions or fines. For example, a high number of hard-braking incidents signals a need for coaching, but also means that you should check the brake pads sooner.

The Rogers solution consolidates your footage, vehicle data and analytics to same online interface—letting you manage your fleet logistics and driver coaching without switching platforms or programs.

Look for a comprehensive and intuitive solution

When choosing a dashcam solution, consider a system that is easy to use. Both the interface and the installation should be simple, so you reap the benefits from day one. A dual-facing camera also allows you to see what is happening in front of the vehicle and in the driver’s cabin, while on-the-edge AI processing captures live events. identifying risks or dangers.

Our solution also includes a Driver Monitoring System (DMS), which helps your drivers better manage fatigue while behind the wheel, and the Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) that helps coach your drivers to reduce traffic violations like speeding, lane drifting and tailgating.

The cameras feature on-board cellular connectivity, providing hands-free, automatic start whenever the ignition is turned on or off. No mobile phone is required, as the camera connects directly to the Rogers wireless network.

A mobile app lets drivers review event videos, survey their trips and review their driver scorecard. Multi-driver support keeps driver-specific metrics when more than one user is driving the same vehicle in the same trip.

Protect your staff and your business

A dashcam solution can help protect your drivers, your reputation and your bottom line. Click here to find out more about the dashcam solution from Rogers, or contact your local Rogers representative.