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Make the most of your wireless system

4 simple ways to keep your workforce connected and productive

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Regardless of the industry or vertical, IT managers and business owners understand that communications and connectivity is critical to keeping their people connected wherever they are, whether it’s in the office or out in the field. From enabling employees to work from anywhere, to better serving customers, to finding efficiencies and planning for the future, wireless solutions, such as Rogers Unison, can be a game changer for mid-sized businesses.

While many organizations have already integrated some form of wireless solution into their operations, not all are taking full advantage of the features they provide, either because their workforce hasn’t been trained to use them or they simply aren’t aware of what they might be missing. In order to ensure you’re making the most of your wireless workplace and not leaving valuable benefits on the table, here are a few ways to set your staff up for success:

Assess your existing wireless ecosystem

The old saying “you don’t know what you don’t know” applies to many things, including your wireless ecosystem. Understanding the features and digging into the capabilities of your system will help you better evaluate how your team can best use them. From enabling an Auto Attendant to greet and direct callers to the most appropriate rep, to taking advantage of features—available with Rogers Unison—like Hunt Groups, which routes incoming calls between team members until they’re answered, ensuring client calls are always picked up, these types of features can go a long way towards improving customer satisfaction and freeing employees from their desks. The more you know about these features, the more you can encourage employee usage.

Train your staff

When introducing change, supporting employees with training is key to achieving success and buy in. To best set your team up for success when rolling out new features of your wireless system to your team, communication is key. BDC provided some tips on this topic in a recent article, encouraging managers to create a sense of urgency around the need for adoption, to get employees involved and excited about the process, and to be clear about what’s in it for them. When it comes to training your team on the features and functionalities of your wireless system, reach beyond the facts with examples of how their daily tasks will become simpler, and their work will inherently become more mobile and efficient. Understanding the “why” is easily as important as the “how” when it comes to employee training; once that piece is understood, adoption will come much easier.

Think beyond the obvious

You might think that a wireless system is best used for fully mobile employees who are rarely in the office, such as sales reps or field workers, but there are ways that the rest of your workforce can also benefit. Certainly hybrid employees -- such as management or executives, who are in and out of the office -- can take advantage of wireless workforce tools, but so can fixed desk employees, such as call centre staff or receptionists. For example, hybrid employees can transition across devices without dropping calls, so they can walk away from the desk and stay connected. Classic desk employees can use extension dialing for colleagues both in and out of the office, meaning they never need to scramble to find different numbers for different locations. Make the most of your wireless system by opening up its features to all employees to create efficiencies and simplify processes.

Put reporting tools to work for you

Using a unified dashboard enables you to have a better handle on when, how and where employees are communicating with your wireless solution. The ability to access reports like these can positively impact future planning, benchmarking and optimization, and highlight features or areas that aren’t being utilized to their full extent. These types of insights can help you with decision making and refining processes.

Learn more about wireless integration and how Rogers Unison could benefit your business.