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From telephone to text: Why today’s customers need multiple communication channels

Managing your customer’s experience and quality of customer service is critical to the success of your business.

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Many businesses have a general phone number, shared email or perhaps even call routing software that automatically directs incoming calls. Fewer though, offer every option. Many are limited simply by their technology or hardware, which can be expensive and difficult to scale, especially if it’s located on the premises.

Yet communication is critical, especially in a post-COVID-19 environment where customers, vendors and staff may be operating remotely. If sales or support calls aren't handled well, it can result in lost revenue and damaged reputations.

That’s why managing contact is essential to success and more businesses are turning to a cloud-based option. A Cloud Contact Centre is a comprehensive suite of tools, applications and cloud-hosted services that typically features multiple communications channels, – such as phone calls, SMS, chats and emails and sophisticated call routing, as well as agent management and analytics.

Top 5 customer communications challenges faced by companies:

  1. Customers want to contact an organization using their preferred communications channel, whether that's a phone call, email, text or instant messenger chat.
  2. Contact centres must route calls and messages to the correct department or agent for quick customer service and troubleshooting.
  3. Contact centres need to be as efficient as possible in managing agent time and must automate as much of the process as possible with functions like auto-attendant or music-on-hold.
  4. Supervisors need to monitor and optimize services.
  5. Companies need to deploy systems as quickly as possible, with as little overhead as possible.

How a Cloud Contact Centre can help mitigate these challenges:

  • Multiple communications channels: Agents can communicate with customers or clients by phone call, email, text or instant messaging, and maintain a consistent record of all communications regardless of the format.
  • Intelligent call-routing: Ensure that customers and clients get to speak to a qualified agent in the right department as quickly as possible with features such as auto-attendant and interactive voice response (IVR).
  • Automated services like auto-attendant and music-on-hold: Reduces the number of required staff.
  • Workforce management tools: Allows agents and supervisors to effectively manage their time.
  • Access to high-level dashboards and detailed analytics: Includes reports with key data like average call duration, call waiting time and agent idle time.
  • Cloud-based: It eliminates the need to deploy or maintain any extra hardware systems other than the computers and phones already in use by staff.

The Cloud Contact Centre from Rogers Business gives you the visibility, flexibility and insights you need to ensure that your agents are providing your customers with best-in-class customer care. The solution also exemplifies the 3Rs that are the cornerstone of a great customer experience.

  1. Reporting: Optimize operations by gathering insights from reports on historical data and trends.
  2. Recording: Ensure great customer service by leveraging audio and screen recordings. (Also, great for compliance requirements)
  3. Routing: Increase efficiency by routing your customers to the right agent based on agent skills, referrals, geo-routing and more.​

Contact us today to learn more about how Rogers Business can help you with your customer service and communication needs.