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Bridging the digital divide with Rogers low-cost high-speed Internet program Connected for Success™

For thousands of young people living in community housing across Canada, keeping connected to the people and things that matter...

Child doing homework

Connection and community made possible through the Ontario Non-Profit Housing Association and Rogers Connected for Success™

As youth across Ontario return to class, it’s striking how different back-to-school readiness looks like for today’s students ...

Woman with Child at a laptop computer

A new start made possible through Saint John, New Brunswick's Human Development Council and Rogers Connected for Success™

What does community impact look like? According to Cathy Foote at Human Development Council, it looks like flowers on the ...

City of St. John's, NL

Independence made possible for at-risk Newfoundlanders through The Homestead Program and Rogers Connected for Success™

Participants, not clients. This is how The Homestead Program, a non-profit organization in St. John’s, Newfoundland refers to ...

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