Help your children navigate the digital world

Creating a safe and positive online experience for your children is important. Have peace of mind with their digital activity by following these strategies and tips.

Set expectations on phone usage

Work with your child to set expectations and rules regarding phone usage.

Teach kids about online safety

Through its Public Education program, Rogers, in partnership with Toronto Metropolitan University and the Rogers Cybersecure Catalyst, has curated some tips and guidelines to help you support your child’s online safety through three different stages: kids, youth and teens. Resources include strategies and tips to stay safe online and covers topics such as cyberbullying, digital footprints, safe communication, online scams and device security.

Enable parental controls for smartphones

Help your kids stay safe online by using parental controls available on Apple and Android devices. Manage screen time, set filters for age-appropriate content, control app purchases and downloads and track their location. For parental controls on Apple devices, check out Family Sharing and for Android devices, check out Google Family Link.

Manage your children’s data usage

Better manage data limits and usage on your children’s phone with these strategies and tips.

Enable parental controls and online security features for Ignite TV and Ignite Internet

Get intelligent around-the-clock cyberthreat protection for your Connected Home devices with Advanced Security included with all Ignite Internet packages and bundles featuring the Ignite WiFi Gateway modem. In addition, Ignite TV has a designated Kids Zone and parental controls that you can use to set age-appropriate content and filters.