Discussing expectations with your child for mobile phone usage

Talking with your children about the rules and expectations for the use of their mobile phone and other wireless devices is a great way to create a safe and positive experience with these technologies.

Below is an example of some discussion points you can use to guide your conversation. You can also check out all the resources available through the Rogers Cybersecure Catalyst to learn more about how to help keep your children cyber-safe online.

Possible items to discuss with your child for mobile phone usage:

  • Share the phone password with my parents/guardians so they can access the phone if needed
  • Keep the phone always charged
  • Keep the phone always turned on when separated from my parents/guardians
  • Answer promptly when my parents/guardians contact me
  • Don’t use the phone at the dinner time, at bedtime, during homework time, while driving, or at other inappropriate times (i.e., during class lessons)
  • Keep the phone in good condition
  • Keep within the monthly data limits of the plan
  • Don't download new apps or buy anything online with out getting my parents/guardians permission
  • Don't respond to suspicious messages or click on suspicious links
  • Be careful about sharing personal information about myself or others (for example name, age, home address, school, passwords, personal photos, photos of others)
  • Be kind, respectful and not engage in cyberbullying and report any cyberbullying or inappropriate content to my parents/guardians or a trusted adult