Roaming and travel plans

With travel options like Roam Like Home, we got you wherever your travels take you.

Roam Like HomeTM pricing

Pay the daily rate and access your plan like you would at home until 11:59 p.m. ET of each calendar day. You’ll only get charged up to 20 days per billing cycle.

Travelling to the U.S.

Travelling internationally

How to use Roam Like Home


Check if it’s available

Confirm that Roam Like Home is available where you’re going. Note: Roam Like Home isn’t available on cruise ships or airplanes. Voice and SMS messages are still offered in these locations at pay-per-use rates.


Confirm that you’re enrolled

Most Rogers postpaid mobile plans are automatically enrolled in Roam Like Home. To be sure, text TRAVEL to 222 to confirm that you’re enrolled.


Turn on roaming and use your phone!

Turn on data roaming on your device. You’ll get a free welcome text once you arrive to your destination confirming that Roam Like Home is turned on and ready to use.

*Your welcome text will include your destination's pay-per-use rates if Roam Like Home is not available, you have an ineligible plan, or if you've previously contacted us to opt out of Roam Like Home.


Things to know while abroad

How to make calls, listen to voicemail, keep track of your roaming usage, and troubleshooting help.

Roaming charges on your bill

Going over how to find roaming charges on your bill and where to see a breakdown of usage