Certified Pre-Owned

Save big on Like-new or Lightly used phones with device financing.

Pay less for your phone with Certified Pre-Owned

Affordable certified Pre-Owned pricing options that fit every budget. Each device is tested and certified good as new to give you peace of mind!

Get the phone you want for less

Get it for $0 down and 0% interest (on approved credit) with device financing on select plans.

Choose a phone from Like-new to Lightly used

We offer a variety of both Like-new and Lightly used devices, which means you can save big!

High-quality phones you can trust

Our qualified technicians thoroughly test and inspect each device and install the latest software to make sure your device is as good as new.

Worry-free returns or exchanges

If you aren’t completely satisfied with your Rogers Certified Pre-Owned device, it can be returned or exchanged if you meet the return criteria.

Take comfort with up to 1-year of warranty

Get peace of mind knowing your Certified Pre-Owned device is covered under warranty for up to 1-year.

Frequently Asked Questions