If you aren’t satisfied with your Rogers device or accessory, you can return (or exchange) it, provided you meet the following return criteria:

Return period:

  • In store purchase at a Retail store - Within 30 days from purchase date.
  • Purchases made online and over the phone - Within 30 days of shipment of the device.
  • Purchases ordered with In-store Pickup - Within 30 days of receiving the device.

Return condition:

  • Product is in its original condition with all accessories.
  • Must not have any physical or moisture damage.
  • Device passwords and locks are removed.

Note: headsets/earpieces and used SIM cards are not refundable.

Follow these instructions to return or exchange your purchase.

Confirming return or exchange eligibility

If you ordered online or over the phone:

  • Call 1-877-224-9832 to validate your return/exchange eligibility.
  • Ensure the product meets the return criteria stated above.
  • If eligible, ship the product back to us within 10 days of contacting us.

If you purchased in-store:

  • Return or exchange must be done at the same store of purchase.
  • Ensure the product meets return criteria stated above.
  • Be sure to bring your original receipt and documentation.

If you ordered with In-store Pickup:

  • Return or exchange must be done at the same Rogers store where the device was picked up.
  • Ensure the product meets the return criteria stated above.

Shipping your product back to us

  1. Make sure you’ve done a master reset on the device and removed any device-specific locks using these helpful links:
  2. Place the device and any included accessories and manuals into the original or comparable box, including bubble wrap or newspaper to protect the contents.
  3. Affix to the outside of the package the self-adhesive Return shipping label enclosed with your device.
  4. Record the tracking number from the Return shipping label. You can track your package at www.purolator.com.
  5. Drop off the package at the nearest Purolator depot or drop box. Visit www.purolator.com for locations nearest you or call Purolator at 1 888 SHIP-123 (1 888 744-7123).

After you’ve shipped your item back to us

If your return or exchange was successful, it will be processed and your account charges adjusted within 4 weeks of the device being received by Rogers.

If your return or exchange was not successful, the device will be returned to you and account adjustments will not be applied.

Note: This could happen if the device you returned:

  • Is damaged
  • Is not covered under the manufacturer’s warranty
  • Has a hardware lock that Rogers could not remove

In these cases, you will be charged applicable device charges (plus applicable taxes), and the device you sent us will be returned to you.

Exchanging a defective device

Follow these instructions to exchange a defective device.

  • Ensure the device meets the return criteria stated above.
  • Call 1-855-381-7835 to speak with a Technical Support rep.
  • Ship the defective product back to us within 10 days of contacting us.

Note: If you’re past the exchange period, you will require additional support. Contact us to discuss your options.