What is Battery Care Service?

Battery Care Service is a subscription-based service providing you with a convenient way to help ensure that all your Rogers-supplied battery-powered Smart Home Monitoring sensors and accessories are working and maintaining the level of monitoring that you expect.

Note that wireless sensors and accessories from previous monitoring systems that are being used with your Rogers Smart Home Monitoring service through a system upgrade may not be compatible.

As soon as the Smart Home Monitoring Battery Health Check System detects that the batteries are low in any of your compatible battery-powered sensors or accessories, a Battery Replacement Kit will automatically be sent to you via courier.

How can I get Battery Care Service?

All Smart Home Monitoring customers can subscribe this service. To get it, please contact us.

How does Battery Care Service work?

With Smart Home Monitoring service, the battery life of your sensors and accessories are actively monitored by the Battery Health Check System. Whenever the system detects that a battery is low, you will receive a notification telling you exactly which sensor or accessory’s battery is low. If you subscribe to Battery Care Service - in addition to receiving a low battery notification - a Battery Replacement Kit will automatically be couriered to your home. Once it’s shipped, you will be notified by email and provided with a tracking number so you can track the delivery.

I already have Battery Care Service. What’s the difference between the service I have and this one?

If you subscribed to the Battery Care Service before March 19, 2018, your replacement battery is delivered and installed by a Rogers technician.

With this Battery Care Service, we’ll courier the Battery Replacement Kit directly to you - there’s no need to book an appointment – so you can install the battery at your own convenience!

Here’s a chart comparing the old (tech install) and new (self-install) versions of Battery Care Service:



Battery Care Service


Battery Care Service

(as of 03/19/2018)

Monthly Service Fee

$6.99 / month

$1.49 / month

Low Battery Notification



Call in to Rogers Required



Appointment Booking Required



Replacement Battery Delivery



Average Delivery Time

3-5 days

1-2 weeks

Replacement Battery Installation



If you’d like to switch to the new Battery Care Service, please contact us and one of our customer care representatives can help you.

What’s included in the Battery Replacement Kit?

Each Battery Replacement Kit contains the required replacement battery, an instruction card, and a screwdriver. When you receive your Battery Replacement Kit, we recommend that you replace the batteries as soon as possible to maintain an uninterrupted Smart Home Monitoring experience.

I received the Battery Replacement Kit, but I’m having trouble replacing the batteries. What should I do?

For help with replacing your battery, please check our Home Monitoring User Guides for more detailed instructions, or contact the Smart Home Monitoring support team.

What do I do with my old batteries?

For information and tips about recycling your old batteries, please visit https://www.call2recycle.ca/consumers/

What devices are compatible with the Smart Home Monitoring Battery Care Service?

The Battery Care service is compatible with all battery powered wireless sensors and accessories supplied by Rogers. Wireless sensors or accessories from previous systems that are being used with your Rogers Smart Home Monitoring service through a system upgrade may not be compatible.