How to pair and unpair Smart Door Locks

This process is to be used to add or remove any Rogers Smart Door Lock to or from the Touchpad. Unpairing the door lock from the Touchpad resets the door lock to the default settings. All user codes (including the master code) are deleted and all the programming features are returned to default setting.


Preparing the Touchpad for pairing

  1. On the Touchpad, tap Settings.
  2. Enter your Touchpad’s master code.
  3. Select Home Devices, then scroll down and select Door Locks.
  4. Select Add a Door Lock.
  5. Tap Next on the Locating Door Lock Devices screen to finish. The Touchpad is now ready to pair with your Smart Door Lock.

Pairing the Smart Door Lock

  1. On your Smart Door Lock, remove the battery cover to expose the Interior Assembly.
  2. Press the A button 4 times until a red and amber light appears. This means the door lock is entering Pairing Mode.
  3. On the Touchpad, a "Pairing" icon will appear and change to a "Door Lock" icon once pairing is complete. This may take up to 5 minutes.
    • Note: The door lock may time out if the Touchpad cannot locate it.
  4. Click Done on Touchpad and then hit Next to confirm.
  5. Tap the Door Lock icon to customize the door lock’s label.
  6. Click Return to Menu to complete the pairing of the door lock.
  7. Ensure your door lock is operational with the Touchpad and Smart Home Monitoring app.


  1. On the Touchpad, tap Settings.
  2. Enter your Touchpad’s master code.
  3. Select Home Devices.
  4. Select Door Locks, then select Delete Door Locks.
  5. Locate the icon for the door lock(s) you want to unpair, then select Delete Door Locks. The Confirm Door Lock Delete screen will display.
  6. Select Yes to finish. Your Smart Door Lock(s) are now unpaired from the Touchpad.