Pair the LG Smart Light Bulb to the Touchpad

The following steps explain how to pair the LG smart light bulb to the Touchpad.

Preparing the Touchpad for Pairing

  1. On the Touchpad, tap Settings.
  2. Select Home Devices.
  3. Select Lighting.
  4. Select Add Lights.
  5. Tap Next on the Locating Lighting Devices screen.
  6. Leave the Touchpad on this screen. Touchpad is ready to pair with the Smart Bulb.

Preparing the Smart Bulb for Pairing

  1. Install the light bulb in the lamp or light fixture. Ensure that the lamp or light fixture is receiving power and the light bulb will automatically start the discovery process.
  2. Wait for the light bulb to be discovered by the touchscreen and it will appear as a Dimmable Light.
  3. Follow the instructions on the subsequent screens to name and configure the light bulb.
    • If dimming is desired, edit the Dimmable option by choosing Yes in the drop-down menu.

Testing the Smart Bulb

  1. Return to the home screen of the Touchpad and tap the Lights icon. Test the operation of the newly configured light bulb.
  2. Tap the Bulb icon of the newly added light to turn it off or on.
  3. To dim or brighten (if configured as dimmable), tap the Settings icon and slide the vertical bar to dim or brighten.