Perform a Walk Test

The following steps are used when one or more motion sensors are experiencing issues with sensitivity.

  1. Use a flat head screwdriver to press the back cover tabs to release the back cover.
  2. Open the tamper switch to enable the walk test.
  3. Press the front cover release tab to remove the front cover to access the transmitter and PIR circuit boards.
  4. When remounted on the bracket, the walk test is enabled for 3-4 minutes.
    • If more time is required, press and release the tamper switch to reset the walk test timer.
    • The LED on the  front cover goes ON when the walk test triggers an alarm (1 or 2 curtain areas depending on coverage pattern switch settings).
  5. Walk test the detection pattern and make any necessary adjustments and verify that it is communicating with the touchpad.
  6. The sensor's test is successful; the device is able to detect motion and is communicating with the touchpad.