Reset the Sengled Light Bulb

Trying to pair an LED Light Bulb to your Smart Home Monitoring system, but getting an error message or are unable to complete the pairing process in the first few attempts?

Follow these steps to reset the LED Light Bulb and then try the pairing instructions again.

  1. Turn the LED Light Bulb off and on ten times. Start in the off position.
  2. The LED Light Bulb will blink 5 times to indicate success.
  3. Now, try the pairing process again.

To forget device

These steps will permanently remove your light bulb from your device list:

  1. Tap Forget Device.
  2. And then tap Forget Device again to confirm.

To try pairing again later

This will leave your device in an error state on your Home page:

  1. Tap Forget Device.
  2. And then tap Later.