Troubleshoot issues related to a takeover panel

Sometimes, Touchpad issues/errors can be related to a Home Monitoring ‘takeover panel’. Read on to learn more and how to troubleshoot.

What is a takeover panel? 

A takeover panel is an interface device that attaches to the top of an existing security panel from a previous security provider. This panel is installed by a Rogers technician.

The takeover panel allows our Home Monitoring Touchpad to communicate with all the components of the previous security system (as long as all the original sensors are all in good working condition).

Common issues/errors

Below are some issues/errors that could be related to a takeover panel. Any error messages will display on your Home Monitoring Touchpad or in the Smart Home app:

Battery or external power errors

These error messages can be triggered when a takeover panel or Home Monitoring Touchpad have low battery power.

Syncing issues and communication loss errors

These errors will display when there’s a communication delay or loss between the takeover panel and Home Monitoring Touchpad. When there are communication delays, you might also notice the Touchpad become unresponsive and send out a persistent chiming sound.


First, reboot your Touchpad

If you’re experiencing any of the issues/errors above, reboot your Home Monitoring Touchpad:

  1. On your Home Monitoring Touchpad, select Settings.
  2. Enter your master code.
  3. Select Advanced Settings > Reboot Touchpad.
  4. Select Reboot Touchpad again.
  5. Enter your master code once more.

The Touchpad will power down and restart. 

If needed, disconnect original security panel

If an error or issue persists – even after the Home Monitoring Touchpad has rebooted – unplug the power from your previous security system panel and disconnect its back-up battery by removing one of the power leads. Re-connect the power cord and power leads after 30 seconds. Wait 5 minutes after the system is done rebooting. 

If these troubleshooting steps don't clear the error/issue contact technical support for help.