Touchpad Freezing and Unresponsive


  • The touchpad is frozen on a particular screen.
  • Widgets are non-responsive to touch.
  • Physical buttons (Home button) are non-responsive.


  • Loss of AC power
  • Screen needs to be cleaned
  • Backup battery drained due to power loss


  1. Verify the touchpad is frozen by pressing the physical home button.
  2. Ensure AC power is on.
    • If the power cord is disconnected, plug the touchpad back into AC power.
  3. Determine what actions led up to frozen touchpad.
    • Did the touchpad freeze while attempting to arm/disarm?
    • Can you still hear sounds from zone tripping?
  4. Attempt to reboot the touchpad by removing the battery from the touchpad and re-insert battery.
  5. If the issue still continues contact a Smart Home Monitoring Technical Support Consultant.