Unable to Pair the LG Smart Light Bulb to Touchpad


  • The LG smart light bulb is unable to pair to the Touchpad.


  • The light bulb was not paired correctly.
  • There is interference preventing the pairing.
  • The light bulb or Touchpad is malfunctioning.


  1. Reconfirm if the light bulb is powered through a dimmer as the LG Smart Light Bulb is not recommended to be used with a dimmer (If a dimmer is being used, try to install the light bulb at a different location or switch the dimmer).
  2. Bring the Touchpad closer to the light bulb and remove any other wireless device between the light bulb and the Touchpad.
  3. Reset the light bulb back to factory default, reboot the Touchpad, and then pair the light bulb again while in close proximity.
  4. If the light bulb is still not pairing to the Touchpad, contact a Smart Home Monitoring Technical Support Consultant at 1 855 381-7840