Use the Functions on the Thermostat

The following steps explain how to use the different functions on the thermostat.

Time of Day:

  1. ouch the left or right arrows next to the time display to set the current time.
  2. Press arrow to change value one minute at a time.
  3. Hold arrow to change value by 15 minutes at a time.

Day of Week:

Touch the DAY area to adjust the day of the week.


This option allows you to set the variance between the thermostat and room temperature before the heating or cooling system turn on. For Example: If the SWING is set to 2°C and the thermostat is set to 20°C Target Temperature, the HEAT cycle will start once the room temperature reaches 18°C. As well as the COOL cycle will start once the room temperature reaches 22°C. The system will return to normal once the target temperature is reached.

Setting Swing:

  1. On the MENU Screen.
  2. Tap SWING, set temperature with arrows between 0.5° and 2.0° (1.0° is default).
  3. Touch the HOME option to return to the home screen.

Chirp Set:

Touch this to turn the audible chirp sound on or off.

°F /°C Set:

Touch this to toggle the temperature display scale to either °F or °C.


The thermostat can be programmed to remind you when the HVAC air filter needs replacing.

  1. Touch FILTER, the display will show the usage to date.
  2. Touch FILTER for over three seconds and the display will change to LIMIT.
  3. When displaying LIMIT, touch arrows to set desired usage limit before filter alert comes on the home screen.
    • Limit can be set from 0 to 999 days/99 weeks; default is 90 days/12 weeks.
  4. Touch to reset.

Partial Lock:

  1. Partial Lock is set by pressing the lock icon for five seconds.
  2. Half the lock symbol is dark showing Partial Lock Mode.
  3. The user can temporarily change the target temperature by pressing the +/- buttons.

Full Lock:

  1. Touch the Half Dark Lock symbol for five seconds to set thermostat to full lock mode.
  2. The LOCK symbol will be full dark. No changes can be made.
  3. Thermostat will only respond to MODE and MENU options.


  1. To unlock, press MENU. If the Lock icon is half dark, press and hold for five seconds to make full dark.
  2. Press and hold for five more seconds to unlock.
  3. If the Lock icon is full dark, press and hold for five seconds to unlock.
  4. Touch the HOME symbol to return to the home screen.