Use the Siren Repeater as a Range Extender

The following steps explain how to set the siren repeater to be used as a range extender.

Method 1: Touchpad power down (Applies to the P5 and P6 Touchpads)

  1. Pair the range extender to the touchpad.
  2. Pair all required sensors to the touchpad.
  3. Power down the touchpad once all sensors are paired (remove AC power and battery).
  4. Trip the sensor that you are trying to route through the range extender once the touchpad is powered down.
  5. Power up the touchpad and trip the sensor again to confirm that the sensor is still communicating to the touchpad.
  6. Confirm that the sensor has good signal strength to the touchpad.

Method 2: Sensor tampers (only applies to the P6 Touchpad)

  1. For most sensors, press and release a sensor tamper switch 5 times (5 presses, 5 releases) with 1 to 1.5 seconds between each press to cause the sensor to rejoin on the next scheduled check-in.
  2. For smoke detectors, press and release the tamper switch 5 times with 4 to 6.25 seconds between each press (Roughly 25 seconds all together).
  3. For the GE CO detector, press and release the tamper switch 5 times with 5 to 6.25 seconds between each press (Roughly 25 seconds all together).