Why am I not getting any Doorbell Camera motion notifications?

  • This feature must be turned on for each camera individually. Check that the motion notifications for the Doorbell Camera are turned on.
  • Verify that you have granted permission for the Ignite HomeConnect app to send notifications in your phone’s settings, then verify that push notifications are enabled in the app.
  • Is the camera area setting enabled? The customized motion detection area might be too small to capture motion events. Try disabling the camera area setting or expanding the customized area to capture more events.

Why don’t my motion or doorbell camera notifications have thumbnail photos?

The thumbnail may be delayed or might not be able to download due to poor internet connectivity or available memory on your phone.

  • Verify that your phone connected to Wi-Fi or cellular by opening a web page.
  • If you have service, but the thumbnails aren’t downloading, you can open the Ignite HomeConnect app and view the live camera feed.

Why am I receiving notifications if I didn’t turn on my motion or doorbell camera notifications?

Motion notifications is an account-wide setting that is turned on or off in the app. Learn how to turn notifications on and off.

What do I do if I’m getting too many motion notifications?

You may receive more notifications if your camera or video doorbell is pointed at an area with a lot of activity such as a road or sidewalk.

  • Try adjusting the camera’s position to exclude high traffic areas which should cut down on notifications.
  • Enable the camera area settings and limit motion detection to a specific area within the camera view.

Can my doorbell camera be motion activated?

If your camera has 24/7 Video Recording enabled, it will capture any activity that occurs within its range and save it as a video clip that you can review at your leisure.