How to pair the Ignite Indoor/Outdoor Camera using the Ignite HomeConnect app

This article is for customers using the Ignite HomeConnectTM app. Using the Smart Home Monitoring app? Visit this page for your pairing instructions.

Follow these steps to pair your Ignite IndoorTM/Outdoor Camera (Wired) using the Ignite HomeConnect app. We recommend pairing your camera before installing it on the wall.

Important: Only pair one Ignite Self ProtectTM camera at a time.

Before you plug in the Ignite Indoor/Outdoor Camera (wired)

  1. Open Ignite HomeConnect app.
  2. Visit the Home tab.
  3. Press + Add smart devices.
  4. Select Ignite Camera.
  5. Select “Get started.”
    • If Bluetooth is off on the device, you'll be prompted to turn on Bluetooth.
  6. You’ll be asked to place the camera in the desired location.
    • Note: if placing outside, be sure your camera is paired and working before permanently mounting it.
  7. You’ll be asked to connect your camera wire to the power adapter.
  8. The next screen states “Keep it clear” — to provide the best signal, the power adapter should be visible and not blocked by furniture or other large objects.
  9. Select “I’m Ready Let’s Go!”

Pair the camera with the app and Wi-Fi network

1. The next screen you see will ask you to look for the blinking white light on the camera, which indicates it’s ready for pairing. There are 2 options on this screen: “the light is blinking,” and “I don’t see the light.”

a. If you select “I don’t see the light,” you will be brought to screen asking you to reset the camera with instructions.

b. If you select “This Isn’t Working,” you will be brought to a screen asking you to “Chat With Us” for assistance.

2. Hold your phone near the camera and the pairing process will start. Follow the prompts on the app until the camera is successfully connected.

3. When it’s paired successfully, you'll hear a chime from the camera and receive a confirmation message that the camera is connected.

After the camera is paired successfully

  1. Once you’ve successfully paired the camera, the next screen will ask you to name the camera in your app.
  2. You’ll then be prompted to turn on 24/7 Video Recording.
  3. On the next screen, you’ll be asked if you want to turn on motion notifications – the options will be for people only or for all events. You will also have an option to skip for now.
  4. Then you’ll be asked to turn on sound. You can turn it on now or skip for now.
  5. You’ll then be brought to a “Setup complete” page. Select “Done.”