Accessibility features on Ignite Streaming

Ignite StreamingTM was designed with accessibility in mind, offering a variety of accessibility features to give all users a comfortable experience. These features include Closed Captioning, Video Description and Voice Guidance.

Closed Captioning

Also known as subtitles, closed captioning displays the audio portion of a television program as on-screen text, including dialogue, music and sound effects.

How to activate Closed Captioning

To turn Closed Captioning (subtitles) on or off for programs within a third-party app on Ignite Streaming (such as Netflix), you must do so within the app’s settings.

How to customize Closed Captioning

On Ignite Streaming, you can customize the font size, colour and format of your Closed Captioning.

  1. Press the B button on your Ignite Voice Remote to open the Accessibility menu.
  2. Select Closed Captioning Options
  3. Select your preferred settings (font size, colour and format). 
  4. If you want to choose a different font, background or window style, proceed to Closed Captioning Style, select Custom, then select your preferred settings.

Described Video

How to activate Described Video

You can activate Described Video within the third-party streaming app you’re using on Ignite Streaming (such as Netflix). Once activated, Described Video will be applied to all programs within the app that are DV enabled.

Voice Guidance

Voice Guidance on Ignite Streaming allows customers with visual disabilities the freedom to independently explore thousands of TV shows and movies.

Essentially, your TV will talk to you, verbally guiding you through the Ignite Streaming Guide, menu and sub-menus and any program information that you open on-screen.

Learn more about using Voice Guidance on Ignite Streaming here.

Note, using the Voice Guidance feature is different from using voice commands on your Ignite Voice Remote. For more information on using voice commands with Ignite Streaming, check out this article.