Rogers burial process and temporary line replacement

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The cable burial process explained

If a technician determines an existing buried line to your home is the cause of your service issues they’ll run a temporary line to provide stable service and arrange to have the buried line replaced.

Once a request has been made, burials usually take between 6–8 weeks to complete (weather permitting). During this time we will obtain permits, apply for utility locates where necessary and assign a burial contractor to do the work. Please note: Burials are performed from April-November during the warmer months when the ground is defrosted (to avoid the temporary line becoming exposed due to frost heaving and being damaged again).

You can check on the status of your burial request at any time through our Virtual Assistant, Anna. Note: It can take at least 72 hours from the technician visit for the request to show up on this portal. If you can’t find your burial status information after 72 hours, please contact our Technical Support team for help.

Timelines and important dates

Why does it take 6–8 weeks (or more) to complete a burial?

To make sure that the cable line is properly and safely buried, we must obtain the proper permits from the local authorities. We also need cable locates completed to make sure we don’t damage other services when digging. The law requires these steps. We can only assign a contractor to do the work once this is completed.

What happens to my burial order once the ground freezes and burials stop?

We prioritize any remaining burials and burial orders created in the winter as follows:

Burial Order Created

October 1 to December 31 of the prior year or before 

February 1 of this year

February 1 to June 30 of this year

July 1 to September 30 of this year

We'll complete the burial

By June 30 of the next or this year

Within 6–8 weeks after June 30

Within 6–8 weeks of order creation

Note: These timelines are subject to our ability to obtain the necessary permits and locates to complete the work. Delays may also occur if construction or other work in the area prevents us from completing the work.

What else do I need to know?