8 Gigabits per second (Gbps) performance

How do I get the most accurate speed test results?

The extreme top speeds Rogers Ignite Internet 8 Gigabit offers are too fast for most wireless devices to fully test on their own. Multiple devices running the test at once will be needed to capture the speeds. The service is for households with many connections, with bandwidth to spare for over a hundred devices online at the same time. While the latest generation of devices are capable of faster speeds, a typical cell phone might only support up to 350 Mbps over WiFi.

For more accurate speed test results, connect several of your most advanced devices to your Rogers Ignite Internet service. Connect at least 1 device directly to the Ethernet switch provided. Use quality Cat6a Ethernet cables capable of multi-Gigabit speeds. For any devices connected to WiFi for the speed test, remove sources of signal interference if possible. Shut down any apps running in the background of your device and turn off any devices not connected for the speed test.

Run the speed test at the same time on all devices and add the results together for your best estimate of the total speed to the home.

Why can't I hit 8 Gbps when I run a speed test?

Many things can influence speed test results. The slowest component along the entire path to the internet and speed test server equipment will always impact your connection.

Rogers Ignite Internet 8 Gigabit service is for households with tons of connections. This service offers enough bandwidth for over a hundred devices to be online at the same time. The top speeds to the home are faster than what’s possible over WiFi today for a single device. To achieve a speed test of 8 Gbps with a single device, you’d need the following:

  • A capable computer with an Ethernet port able to achieve speeds of up to 10 Gbps.
  • A quality Cat6a Ethernet cable to connect the computer or laptop to one of the 10 Gbps Ethernet ports on the provided Ethernet switch.
  • The Ethernet switch and Optical Network Terminal (ONT) professionally installed by the Rogers technician to connect your home to the Rogers fibre-powered network.
  • Capacity on the server for your selected speed test tool that supports 10 Gbps speeds.

What’s WiFi 6E?

The Rogers Ignite WiFi Gateway (Gen 3) modem provided by Rogers (with the Ignite Internet 8 Gigabit service), features WiFi 6E. WiFi 6E is the fastest WiFi technology in the world. It allows multi-Gig speeds and ultra-low lag for the ultimate fast and responsive connection. WiFi 6E extends (E) the performance of the latest generation of WiFi technology. Using the 6GHz frequency, WiFi 6E allows devices to achieve advanced performance and multi-gig speeds. You’ll need a WiFi 6E-compatible device to take advantage of WiFi 6E when connecting to your Rogers Ignite WiFi Gateway. Don’t worry, your gateway is also backwards compatible to previous generations of WiFi technology to support a range of WiFi devices.

Can I use my own WiFi router?

Yes, you can use your own WiFi router. But, Rogers Ignite WiFi Gateway modems are tested and certified for Rogers Ignite Internet services, backed by our Rogers Ignite WiFi Satisfaction Guarantee. You can connect your own WiFi router or other networking equipment, but we can’t provide full troubleshooting or support.

The Rogers Ignite WiFi Gateway (Gen 3) modem features WiFi 6E – the world’s most powerful WiFi technology for the latest devices. If a separate WiFi router is connected to the provided Ethernet switch, make sure to use unique WiFi network names (SSID) to prevent issues. Devices connected to one WiFi network won’t be able to communicate directly or locally to devices connected to the other WiFi network.

Can I get enough speed with Rogers Ignite Internet Gigabit or do I need 8 Gigabits per second?

Rogers Ignite Internet 8 Gigabit service offers our fastest speeds to the home and delivers extreme performance for households with tonnes of connections. Typical households can enjoy plenty of speed with a range of other Rogers Ignite Internet packages.

The Rogers Ignite Internet Gigabit service with download speeds of up to 1 Gbps is for 16+ devices online at the same time. For example, a single connection streaming 4K video requires about 25–50 Mbps. Streaming HD video on another device requires 5–25 Mbps. Streaming music, surfing online, and emailing require much less.

Rogers Ethernet switch

What is an Ethernet switch?

The Rogers Ignite Internet 8 Gigabit service includes an Ethernet switch. It’s a piece of equipment with multiple Ethernet ports used to connect other devices using Ethernet cables. The Ethernet switch Rogers provides and professionally installs in the home, offers multi-Gigabit Ethernet ports. The Rogers fibre-powered network connects to the Optical Network Terminal (ONT) which connects to the Ethernet switch. The switch connects to the Rogers Ignite WiFi Gateway modem. Then, you connect your WiFi devices to the WiFi network (created by the Gateway modem) for WiFi inside the home.

How do I use the Ethernet switch you provided?

The Ethernet switch provided offers advanced speeds and flexibility with multiple copper Ethernet ports. Each port capable of up to 10 Gbps for a single device (limited by the internet and end device capabilities).

You can use the Ethernet switch to directly connect devices such as gaming consoles, workstations or entertainment systems. You can also connect the Rogers Ignite WiFi Gateway modem to the switch. Use quality Cat6a Ethernet cables to get the best possible speeds. Each port on the Ethernet switch offers a distinct public IP address. Having distinct public IP addresses means that the devices you plug in each get an independent connection separate from each other.

Connect devices that you want to access each other to the provided Ignite WiFi Gateway modem. Examples of these devices include speaker systems, smart home and personal devices. The Gateway offers its own Gigabit Ethernet ports for wired connections and the world’s most powerful WiFi technology (WiFi 6E) for wireless connections.

What do the LEDs on the Ethernet ports mean?

The LEDs on each Ethernet port indicate the maximum speed your connected device can support:

  • 10 Gbps: both LEDs light up green
  • 5 Gbps: only the right LED will be green
  • 2.5 Gbps: only the left LED will be green
  • 1 Gbps or 100 Mbps: both LEDs will be amber (yellow)

Can I manage the Ethernet switch?

No. The Ethernet switch Rogers provides with Rogers Ignite Internet 8 Gigabit is an unmanaged switch.

Unmanaged switches are designed to simply plug in and run with no settings to configure. These switches are suitable for personal home networks.

Managed switches do offer more capabilities than unmanaged switches, but they may also require a skilled administrator to make the most of them.

Can I use my own Ethernet switch so that I can manage it myself?

The Ethernet switch and Rogers Ignite WiFi Gateway modem Rogers provides with Ignite Internet 8 Gigabit are tested and certified to meet performance standards. If you choose to connect your own Ethernet switch or other networking equipment, we can’t provide full troubleshooting or support.

I have a problem with my connection, and I want to reboot the Ethernet switch. How do I do it?

You simply unplug the power cable from the Ethernet switch for a few seconds and plug it back in. It should restart a few seconds later with the expected light patterns.

I need more help. Where can I go?

You can contact us 24/7 for support.