FAQs about Port Scanning

What is port scanning?

Port scanning is a type of “network reconnaissance” carried out against a targeted network, allowing an attacker to see if the network is active and to find weak points in its security.

How can port scanning affect networks or devices?

If a network or device is participating in port scanning, one or more devices connected to the network could have been infiltrated without authorization and could be used by a third party for malicious and/or illegal purposes. 

What do I do if my network is detected participating in port scanning?

Here are ways you can treat and avoid this:

  • Perform a thorough virus and malware scan on your device using downloadable applications like the Microsoft Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool.
  • If you have anti-virus software installed, make sure you’re always updated with the latest version.
  • If you’ve completed the above but your device(s) is/are still acting strangely, bring to a third-party computer repair technician to solve the problem.