What are the features of the eero app?

The Eero app allows you to easily set up and manage your Eero WiFi system. Its features allow you to:

  • View and manage your network from anywhere
  • Easily and securely share your network with guests
  • Troubleshoot your network issues

How can I use the eero app to find the strength and status of my individual Eero devices?

To check the connection quality of your Eero devices, follow the steps below.

  1. Open the eero app.
  2. From the home screen, navigate to the individual eero devices.
  3. Review each device’s Connection Details section, which gives a visual indication of the device’s connection strength. Refer to the guide below for further detail about each status.
 Strength What it means 
 support-eero-signal-icon-green-rogers The eero device has an excellent, stable connection to your primary Hub.
 support-eero-signal-icon-green-4bars-rogers The eero device has a strong, stable connection to your primary Hub. You may want to eliminate potential interference.
 support-eero-signal-icon-green-3bars-rogers The eero device has a good, stable connection to your primary Hub, however, there is potential interference in your network.
 support-eero-signal-yellow-2bars-rogers The eero device has a good connection to your primary Hub. However, it would be best to try and move your eero device to an area with less interference and/or better range to another Beacon.
 support-eero-signal-yellow-1bars-rogers The eero device has a poor connection to your primary Hub. You will see a prompt to fix the connection. Follow the steps provided to improve connection strength.

How can I use the eero app to find the strength and status of my entire eero network?

You can find the current status of your eero network at the top of the eero App home screen. See below for a breakdown of each status.

“Everything looks good”


This means your network is up and running with no issues.

“Check a specific eero”


If your network is online but you a status to check any eero devices, make sure all your eeros are powered on and within range of each other. You can quickly identify which devices are having issues by finding them outlined in red in the app, as well as the eero device itself emitting a red LED light.

“Connecting to the Internet”


When the status of your network is yellow and reads “Connecting to the Internet,” your eero devices are coming back online, potentially from a reboot, an outage in your Rogers internet service, or any other situation where your eero network was just offline. You will notice your eeros’ LED lights blinking white, then turning solid white when back online.

“Internet Outage”


If your Rogers internet service is down, your eero network status will read “Internet Outage.”

“Internet Connection Issue”


If this is your network status, ensure that your eero devices are powered on and connected to your modem via Ethernet. If this doesn’t solve the problem, restart your Rogers modem and gateway eero device.

How do I use the eero app to see how much bandwidth my devices are using?

Curious about how much bandwidth the devices on your Rogers internet network are using? Through the eero app, you can view real-time data consumption by tapping the Connected Devices button.

You can also view device usage by tapping the devices on the home screen of the eero app. support-eero-app-home-screen-rogers-en

If a device is connected to the network but isn’t currently using bandwidth, its status will read “Idle.”

Good to know: You can also find this information on the Details page of any of your devices.

What is the network health check feature?

If you ever experience an issue with your Eero network, it’s a good idea to run a network health check via the Eero App. The network health check feature is designed to help you quickly pinpoint any problems.

To run a network health check:

  1. Open the eero app.
  2. Open the main menu.
  3. Select Help. The following four options will display:
    • My internet connection drops
    • My internet is slow
    • My internet is offline
    • My Eero’s light is red
  4. Select the option that best suits the problem you’re experiencing. The Eero App will instantly run a health check on your network to identify what’s going on.
  5. Continue following the prompts. You will be presented with the results and suggested next steps.

Still having issues with your Eero network after the health check? Contact a Rogers technician at 1 855 381-7839 and they’ll be happy to assist.

How do I reboot my Eero or network from the eero app?

If you need to reboot your individual eeros or your entire network, it’s as simple as tapping a button on the eero App. You won’t have to manually unplug each individual eero device.

To reboot an individual eero device:

  1. Open the eero app.
  2. Select the eero device you want to reboot from the home screen.
  3. Select Restart eero.
  4. Select the blue Restart eero This will instantly initiate the restart process, taking your eero device(s) offline momentarily as it powers back on.

To reboot your entire eero network:

  1. Open the eero App.
  2. Select the menu icon.
  3. Select Network Settings.
  4. Scroll down to Advanced Settings and select Restart Network.
  5. Select the blue Restart Network This will instantly restart your entire eero network, taking it offline momentarily.


How do I access my Eero App if I get a new phone?

New phone? No problem!

Your Eero account is connected to your phone number and email, so if you purchase a new phone, simply install the Eero App on the device and sign into your account using your usual credentials. Once signed in, you should see your network just as you left it.

Can I download the Eero app to my tablet?

Yes, but currently only on iPads. The Eero app works best on iOS devices and Android phones. To access the Eero app from an iPad, search “Eero” in the App Store.