How do I add or remove a Wall-to-Wall WiFi beacon from my network?

Once your Rogers Wall-to-Wall WiFi network has been set up, you can add as many eero beacons as you need.

To add a beacon to your Wall-to-Wall WiFi network:

  1. Open the eero app.
  2. Tap the eero button in the middle of the home screen (the one displaying the number of eeros on your network).
  3. Tap the Add an eero option at the bottom of the list.
  4. Select Set up an eero Beacon.
  5. Follow the steps provided to add the beacon to your network.

To remove a Wall-to-Wall WiFi beacon:

  1. Open the eero app.
  2. On the home screen, tap on the beacon you’d like to remove.*
  3. Scroll down and select Remove eero.
  4. Follow the onscreen directions to remove the beacon from the network.
    Caution: Removing your Wall-to-Wall WiFi hub will also delete your entire eero network. Removing other eeros may reduce your coverage and cause connectivity issues.

* If you have more than six beacons, tap the button displaying the number of eeros on your network to view the entire list.