How to Bridge your Hitron CGN2 Modem


Bridging your modem allows you to use a third-party router and disables the modem’s Wi-Fi capability. Follow these steps to bright the Hitron CGN2 modem.

  1. Directly connect an Ethernet cable from the modem to the computer.
  2. Open a web browser and enter the following address to access the gateway login page:
  3. Login with:
    • Username: cusadmin
    • Password: password
  4. On the left hand side, click Basic Setup.
  5. Once the Basic Setup page has loaded, click the Capability tab at the top.
  6. Remove the check mark in the Residential Gateway function box.
  7. Click Save Settings and the gateway will restart. >
  8. Once the modem is online, plug a device into port one to test their connectivity.
    • While in bridged mode, only port one will be active on the gateway.
      • Note: If you want to put the modem back into gateway mode, factory reset the modem by pressing the reset button on the back for more than 10 seconds.