How to Update Settings for Video Streaming Quality

If your internet package includes unlimited usage, be sure to take advantage of the highest quality for your choice of video streaming services.


For each Netflix account profile you can choose from Auto, Low, Medium or High video playback settings for streaming video.

To check / change your stream settings:

  1. In a browser, go to Netflix.ca and sign in with your Netflix username and password.
  2. If prompted, select the appropriate user profile you want to change.
  3. In the top-right corner, click the downward arrow and then click Your Account.
  4. In the My Profile section, click Playback Settings.
  5. Click the radio button to select the highest-quality streaming setting (High), then click Save.

This setting will be your new default across all your devices. If you have multiple user profiles under your Netflix account, follow the above process for those as well.


 YouTube™ allows you to pick the quality setting for the video you’re watching at the moment or for all videos viewed by a Google account.

To play a single YouTube video in HD:

  1. While playing a video, move your cursor over the player window. Video-player elements will appear.
  2. Click the gear icon in the lower right corner of the player.
  3. In the bottom of the pop-over menu that appears, click on the Quality option.
  4. Select the highest video-quality setting and click it to apply.

Tip: Not all video content that’s uploaded to YouTube is available in full 1080p HD. If no HD option is offered, just choose the highest-quality setting that’s available.

To default to high-quality YouTube playback:

Setting default playback behaviour on YouTube requires a Google account (Gmail, Google+, etc.).

  1. Log in to YouTube using your Google or Gmail account ID.
  2. Click on your username and in the menu that appears, choose the gear icon. If you’re already logged in, click your profile image in the top-right corner to find the gear icon.
  3. In the left navigation pane, click Playback.
  4. Select Always choose the best quality for my connection and player size.
  5. Click Save.

Now, YouTube will give you the best-quality video it can, based on the above-mentioned factors. Double-click a video to launch it in full-screen and to get a full-HD version of the video, where available.

*Important note regarding wireless data usage: changing your account settings to view videos in the highest-quality possible can also apply to videos viewed over a cellular network. You can check your data usage anytime at rogers.com/myrogers or by using the MyRogers app.