Remove Devices from Ignite WiFi Hub

No longer need a device connected to your Ignite WiFiTM Hub? It only takes a few steps to remove a device and its history from your Ignite WiFi Hub account.

Ignite WiFi Hub is available exclusively for Rogers Internet customers with the Ignite WiFi Gateway modem. Not sure if this is your modem? Check under “Internet” on your MyRogers account.

  1. Open the Ignite WiFi app or website and sign in using your MyRogers username and password.
  2. Select Connect.
  3. Select the disconnected device you want to remove.
  4. Select Device Details.
  5. Select Forget Device. Once removed, the device will be erased from any associated profiles as well as from the Devices All historical activity for this device will also be permanently deleted and if it reconnects to your home WiFi network in the future, it will appear as a new device.

Note: These steps will update your Ignite WiFi Hub, but if your WiFi network name or password has been saved on the removed device it may reconnect automatically unless you manually update the WiFi settings on the device itself.