Signs of a Hacked Rogers Yahoo! Mail Account and How to Secure It

Keeping your account safe is important to us. If you think your email account has been compromised, there are some important steps you need to take to secure your information. Know the warning signs and what to do to secure your account.

Common signs that your Rogers Yahoo! Mail Account was hacked

  • You're not receiving any emails.
  • Your contacts are getting strange emails from your email address.
  • Your Rogers Yahoo! Mail settings were changed without your knowledge.

How to check your account settings and secure your account?

Check your mail settings for suspicious activity and follow these steps to secure your account from being compromised in the future.

  • Change your email password – Whether you can log in or not we recommend you change your password to a stronger one.
  • Email filters – Check if there are filters that you did not set up and remove them.
  • Sending name – Confirm your sending name is correct.
  • Email signature – Check if there are changes to your email signature.
  • Reply-to address – Confirm that your reply-to email address is correct.
  • Send-only address – Confirm that no suspect send-only addresses were added.
  • Vacation response – Confirm that a vacation response has not been added or changed.
  • Blocked addresses – Check that there are no blocked email addresses added to your account that you didn’t set up yourself.
  • Account Activity – In the Rogers Member Centre under the Account Information tab check your Account Activity for any unauthorized logins.

If you’re still having trouble, contact Technical Support for assistance.