Troubleshoot Band Steering Issues on Hitron CODA/AC Modems

Most Rogers WiFi modems come with band steering, which simplifies and improves your home WiFi experience by automatically connecting devices to the most effective network – 2.4G or 5G – and optimizing speed and coverage. Learn more about band steering here.

But, in rare occasions, you might face some issues when band steering is turned on. Below are a few quick tips that can help you fix two band steering concerns: seeing one WiFi network instead of two and not being able to connect to WiFi.

I’m seeing one network instead of two

Don’t worry, this is normal! After band steering is turned on – whether it was done for you or you manually enabled it – both bands (2.4G and 5G) are still active, but they now share the same name and password as your main WiFi network. That’s why you only see one network in your home.

How this helps you:

  • Your WiFi is simpler now. You only have one network name and password to remember.
  • Your WiFi is smarter now. Behind the scenes, your Rogers WiFi modem continually optimizes your WiFi performance by switching your connected devices to the optimal band based on the device’s capabilities, your location in the home and the current WiFi traffic on a given band. All of this is done automatically and without causing any interruptions to your ongoing internet activities!

My devices used to connect to WiFi, now they don’t

First, try the following:

  1. Check available WiFi networks on your device to find the new merged WiFi network name (the network name without “-5G”)
  2. Reconnect the device(s) to your new merged WiFi network
  3. Make sure you’re using the correct password
    1. Note: It should be the same password as your main WiFi network password

If your devices still aren’t connecting, follow these steps:

  1. On a different WiFi device – like a tablet or someone else’s mobile phone that is connected to WiFi– or on a computer that is connected to your modem via Ethernet, open a web browser.
  2. Visit your modem settings page at
  3. Sign in with the following credentials:
    Username: cusadmin
    Password: your current WiFi password, or “password”
  4. Select Wireless in the top menu bar
  5. Select 5G.
  6. Check if the password for this network matches as your 2.4G network.
  7. If the passwords don’t match, change this password to match your 2.4G network password, then select Save Changes.
  8. Try reconnecting your device(s).

Still not working? This may be an issue with your device, as some devices don’t properly support band steering. Try disabling band steering on your modem and see if that allows you to connect the device(s) to your WiFi network.

  1. Visit your modem settings page (
  2. Sign in with the following credentials:
    Username: cusadmin
     your current WiFi password, or “password”
  3. Select Wireless in the top menu bar.
  4. Select Advanced.
  5. Select Disabled for Band Steering.
  6. Select Save Changes.
  7. After the changes take effect, you should start seeing two networks again - the 2.4GHz network (without “-5G” at the end) and the 5GHz network (with “-5G” at the end).
  8. Try reconnecting your device(s) to the main network.

If you still have questions about your modem or band steering, contact us – we’re happy to help!