Troubleshoot issues sending and receiving email on your device or email program

Here is the info you need to help fix issues with sending and receiving Rogers Yahoo! Mail through an email program or app.

Ensure that you can log in to Rogers Yahoo! Mail

First, check if the issue is with your account.

Once you verify that your email works using the Rogers Yahoo! page, test your device or email program once again. If it still does not work, try correcting the settings on the device or email program.

Correct your email program or app settings

Your settings must be right if you want to use an email program or app to help you manage your Rogers Yahoo! Mail.

Select the email program or operating system you use and follow the steps to update the settings.

Don’t see the email program or operating system you use? Add your Rogers Yahoo! Mail account through the Yahoo setup or manual setup option.

If you’re still having trouble, contact Technical Support for assistance.