Troubleshooting fibre-to-the-home connectivity issues

You can solve most connectivity issues by restarting your Rogers Optical Network Terminal (ONT) device which connects fibre-to-the-home and your Ignite WiFi Gateway modem. The process takes about 10 minutes, and unlike a factory reset, restarting your equipment will not lose any of your settings.

What happens during the restart process?

During this process, you won’t be able to use your Ignite services. If you have Ignite Home Phone, you won’t be able to make or receive calls, including 911 calls, until your ONT device and Gateway are back online. 

Restarting your Ignite WiFi Gateway and ONT device:

  • triggers the Gateway to update to the latest available firmware
  • re-scans your current home WiFi environment to optimize settings

How to restart your ONT device and Ignite WiFi Gateway:

Before you start, you’re going to need to locate your ONT (Optical Network Terminal) as well as your Ignite Gateway modem. Usually, the ONT is located near your electrical panel. If not, it may be located near the Ignite Gateway modem. 
Please ensure you DO NOT unplug the ONT or disconnect any cables from the ONT. 

  1. Unplug the Ignite Gateway modem power cord only.
  2. Power off the ONT device and wait for 10-15 seconds.
  3. Power only the ONT back on.
  4. Wait for the ONT to come back online with the Power and the Network and Management lights.
  5. Test Speeds out of the ONT by connecting your device to the ONT via Ethernet cable.
  6. Plug power back into the Gateway and wait for the modem light to go solid White (1-2 min).
  7. Once the Gateway has a solid white light, test for speeds out of the modem using the same process as step 5.
  8. Power off and unplug any Ignite Entertainment Boxes, if applicable, and then turn back on after 10-15 seconds.

Basic troubleshooting for your home network

Still having connectivity issues? Try these fixes:

  1. Check several apps or websites to ensure that the connection issue is not specific to one destination.
  2. Check for local outages using the Rogers Network Status or get status from Rogers virtual assistant Anna.
  3. Check that all cables are fastened and secured to the Ignite WiFi Gateway, ONT device, power outlets, and your devices, if applicable.
    Note: Do not remove the optical cable from the back of the ONT device. Only a trained Rogers Technician must do this.
  4. Confirm that the Ethernet cable at the back of the Ignite WiFi Gateway is plugged into the correct port, depending on which Gateway you have.
Ignite WiFi Modem (1st generation)
Ignite WiFi modem
(1st Generation)
Ignite WiFi modem (2nd generation)
Ignite WiFi modem
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Ignite WiFi modem (3rd Generation)
Ignite WiFi modem
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