How do I open apps on Ignite Streaming?

With a voice command:

  1. Press and hold the Mic button on your Ignite Voice Remote.
  2. Say the name of the app you want to open.
  3. Release the Mic button. The app will open.
    • Note: You can also use a voice command like “Apps” to open the list of all apps available on Ignite Streaming.

Without a voice command:

  1. Press the Rogers button on your Ignite Voice Remote to open the main menu.
  2. Select Apps. The list of integrated apps will display.

Do I need to pay for subscriptions in order to watch content on these apps?

Some apps on Ignite Streaming do require a separate subscription in order to access their content.

To subscribe to one of these apps, simply open the app you want to use and follow the on-screen instructions to create an account. After subscribing, you can sign into the app using your new credentials – and start watching the content right on Ignite Streaming.

If I pay for a subscription to one or more of these apps, will I be billed for the subscription with the rest of my Rogers services?

If you sign up for Netflix through Ignite Streaming, you will pay for your subscription with the rest of your regular Rogers bill.

All other paid streaming apps will be billed separately.

Will Rogers continue to add more apps to the Ignite Streaming platform?

Yes! We plan to continue to add new apps to the platform.