Your app name is changing and here’s everything that you need to know

Soon, your Ignite WiFi Hub app will become Ignite HomeConnect! Keep reading to discover sneak peeks and everything that you’ve come to love that's remaining unchanged.

Good things to come

  • You'll still have all the tools and features you use today to manage your screen time and provide strong, secure WiFi in your home.
  • The new name is just the start of more ways to manage and protect your home WiFi while also managing your connected devices.
  • Along with the new name, you’ll see a new “Home” tab in the app.

What’s needed from you?

  • The change should happen for you, without a need for you to do anything at all.
  • Simply take note of this new icon look and name:

  • If you don’t see the above icon in the coming weeks, simply visit your app store to download any available updates.
  • To make sure you’re always able to enjoy our latest features, enable auto-updates in your App Store or Google Play settings.