Ignite TV Voice Remote

Customer pairing voice remote with TV box

Program and pair your Voice Remote

Your Ignite TVTM Voice Remote works seamlessly with your TV and the Ignite TV box once paired/programmed.

Voice assisted control with Ignite TV Voice remote

How to use voice commands

Control your TV with the easy-to-use Voice Remote. Just say it, and Ignite TV will do it.

Customer fixing issues with voice remote

Troubleshooting Guide: Voice Remote

Voice remote issues? First, check if the battery level is low. Get more details on this and other quick tips now.

All you need to know

Navigation and search


Recording and watching


Resolve Voice Command problems

Learn how to troubleshoot battery issues with your Ignite TV remote.

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How to pair your Voice Remote

Easily pair your Voice Remote to the Ignite TV Box.

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Using Voice Search

Learn how to use voice commands on Ignite TV to search for the content you want.

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Watch anywhere, anytime

Stream movies, download episodes and record your favourites with the Ignite TV app!