What is the YouTube Kids app?

The YouTube Kids® is an app specifically designed for kids with popular children's videos and diverse new content. It’s easy-to-use, both for kids who can read and those who are still learning.

Ignite TV Customers

How do I Set it up?

You can access the YouTube Kids app on Ignite TV and Ignite StreamingTM in 2 ways:

1. Press the Rogers button on your Ignite Voice Remote and navigate to Apps > YouTube Kids.


2. Use the Ignite Voice Remote to open the app by saying "YouTube Kids"


How do I Search for content?

To allow your child to search for videos within YouTube Kids, you will have to enable search within the app. When you first open YouTube Kids, you’ll be to Turn Search On or Turn Search Off. Turning search on allows your child to search for new content on their own; turning search off limits your child to videos on the home screen (including those that the app recommends).


You can change your search settings at any time by selecting the Lock icon on the top-right corner of the app.

Note: At this time, voice search within the app via the Ignite Voice Remote is not supported.

How do I navigate the Parental controls?

The YouTube Kids app uses filters powered by algorithms to select videos from YouTube. YouTube is continually making changes to the algorithms to make them as accurate as possible in order to provide you with a safer version of YouTube. However, no algorithm is perfect.

Using Ignite TV application locks

You can leverage Ignite TV Application Locks capabilities to block access to YouTube Kids on Ignite TV. You can access this by navigating to Settings > Parental Controls > Applications Locks > YouTube Kids.

Note: Once the YouTube Kids app is launched, Ignite TV Parental Controls settings will not guard against content searches or playback within the YouTube Kids app.

For more information on using application locks check out this article.

Using the controls within the YouTube Kids app

YouTube Kids also allows you to block videos. If there is a video that you’re concerned about, you can block the video by selecting ‘…’ and then ‘Block this video’ on the video that concerns you.

You will be shown these options the first time you use YouTube Kids, and you can change them at any time by accessing your settings inside the app. Access your settings by selecting the Lock icon on the top-right corner of the home screen.

Other Parental controls include turning off searchclearing history and pausing history. Learn more about YouTube’s parental controls and settings.

How do I use Closed captioning?

The YouTube Kids app supports closed captioning, although closed captioning may not be available for every video in YouTube Kids.

To turn on closed captioning while watching a video in YouTube Kids, select the down arrow to the … icon. Then, select Captions.

Good to know: Your Ignite TV accessibility user preferences do not apply once you launch the YouTube Kids app.