How to change your Ignite Bundle via MyRogers

Change your package within minutes following these steps.

Things to remember:

  • You can exchange your Flex Channels approximately 30 minutes after the package has changed. 
  • Pricing is subject to change. 
  • All packages include 1 Ignite Entertainment Box. Additional boxes can each be added for a fee.
  1. Sign into MyRogers. 
  1. Go to Usage & Services tab. 

  1. Select TV or Internet in the dropdown. 

  1. Select Upgrade your Ignite Bundle.  

  1. Select the TV package you want. 

  1. Select the internet package from the dropdown. 

  1. This will trigger a pop-up regarding the current package you’re on. Select Continue.  

  1. This will take you to the change summary page. 

    1. On the Order Summary page, you’ll be able to make changes to your 4K options as well as review your Flex Channels.
    2. Note: you must review your Flex Channels before you can continue. 
  1. Select Continue. 

  1. You’ll then land on the final summary page. Review your changes and then select Continue. 

You’ll see a confirmation page that the order has been processed. These changes will happen right away and may cause your service to restart momentarily. Partial charges may appear on your next bill.