Changes to our Ignite TV plans FAQs

We’re refreshing our Ignite TV plans to make them simpler and easier to understand, bringing you more channels that you love.

These changes don’t affect your current plan, but if you change to a new one, you’ll notice that Ignite TV Flex plans aren’t offered anymore. This is part of our evolution to serve you better. We’ve seen that customers prefer permanent channels to temporary swappable ones, so we’ve adjusted to make the choice clearer. The new plans include even more great channels than before, which you can always customize by adding theme packs or individual channels. You can browse the new available plans on the TV plans or TV bundles page.

Are you going to automatically switch me to a new TV plan?

No, you can stay on your existing Ignite TV plan. If you want to change it, you can browse TV plans, TV bundles or contact us.

If I have an Ignite TV Flex plan, will I lose access to my Flex Channels?

You’ll still be able to access and exchange your Flex Channels. If you change your plan, you won’t have Flex Channels anymore.

Can I get a new TV plan with Flex Channels or swappable channels?

The current plans come with a fixed series of channels that can’t be substituted. You can add individual channels or theme packs to customize your lineup just how you like it.

Who can get these new TV plans?

If Ignite TV is available where you live, you can choose one of the new plans. If you have an older TV service, you’ll need to upgrade your equipment. Contact us to learn more.