Access the Weather Application on Navigatr Guide - Ontario

The weather application appears as an overlay to the program you are watching and is geographically localized.

Note: The NextBox Weather App is localized according to where you live and will only display a 5-day forecast for that region. It does not allow you to change the location, it is designed to provide you with a quick glimpse of the weather in your localized area.

This application can be accessed through Applications or by pressing the [D] key on your Remote (if available). The following steps explain how to access the Weather Channel application:

  1. Press [MENU].
  2. Scroll to Apps.support-screen-capture-AccessWeather1
  3. Select Weather and click [OK/SELECT] to access the Weather app.support-screen-capture-AccessWeather2
  4. Press [EXIT] or [D] to close application.support-screen-capture-AccessWeather3