Block or Unblock Programs by Rating on a Navigatr Guide

The following steps explain how to use the parental control settings to block or unblock channels by rating using the Navigatr guide.


  1. Ensure you have created a Parental Control PIN.
  2. Press [SETTINGS] on the Rogers remote.
  3. Scroll to Parental Controls and press [OK/SELECT].Support-tv-screencapture-BlockRating2
  4. If a Parental PIN has been established, you may need to enter your 4-digit PIN to access the Parental Control Settings.Support-tv-screencapture-BlockRating3
  5. Scroll to the Block Ratings tab and press [OK/SELECT].Support-tv-screencapture-BlockRating4
  6. Scroll to the ratings(s) you wish to lock and press [OK/SELECT].Support-tv-screencapture-BlockRating5 
    • A check mark symbol will appear next to the selected rating that is now locked.
  7. Once complete, press [EXIT].