Block or unblock TV shows by Rating

The following steps explain how to use the parental control settings on your digital set-top box to block/unblock ratings using the Ontario enhanced guide.

  1. Ensure you have created a Parental Control (block) PIN.
  2. Press [SETTINGS] until you reach the General Settings screen.support-tv-screencapture-SG BlockRatings1
  3. Scroll through the list until Block: Rating is highlighted and press [OK/SELECT].
  4. Enter your PIN.support-tv-screencapture-SG BlockRatings2 FR
  5. Scroll through the available ratings and press the [OK/SELECT] button to toggle between blocked/unblocked. A padlock symbol will indicate if a rating is blocked
    Scroll to the lowest rating you want to block or unblock and press [B] - all the ratings below your selection will be blocked.support-tv-screencapture-SG BlockRatings3 FR
  6. Press [A] to accept.
  7. Once complete, press [EXIT].