Why can I see Crave in my Apps menu all of a sudden?

We’ve added the Crave tile to the Apps menu on Ignite to give our Crave+Movies+HBO subscribers easy access to existing Crave On Demand content. At this time, customers with a Crave subscription cannot access the Crave app though Ignite TV or Ignite SmartStream. We’re always looking for opportunities to add more streaming services to Ignite TV and Ignite SmartStream. We’ll keep you updated as new apps become available.

Will the rebrand from TMN & HBO Canada to Crave + Movies + HBO change the monthly price I pay?

No, you will continue to pay the same price as you had prior to the rebrand.

What channels can I watch Crave + Movies + HBO on?

1You can watch Crave and HBO Canada on the same channel numbers as TMN and HBO Canada.

Digital TV Ignite TV
Crave 1 = Channel 301 Crave 1 = Channel 265
Crave 2 = Channel 305 Crave 2 = Channel 266
Crave 3 = Channel 304 Crave 3 = Channel 267
Crave 4 = Channel 306 Crave 4 = Channel 268
HBO Canada 1 = Channel 302 HBO Canada 1 = Channel 270
HBO Canada 2 = Channel 303 HBO Canada 2 = Channel 271

I used to watch HBO Canada On Demand on channel 311. Where can I now access HBO Canada shows On Demand?

HBO Canada programs are now available through Crave On Demand on channel 309, along with the latest movies and other Crave programming.

I do not see the new Crave content available On Demand with my subscription, is there a reason I don’t have access?

Crave content, such as Letterkenny, Handmaid’s Tale, and Big Bang Theory, are only available in high definition (HD). If you have a standard definition (SD) set-top box, you will be unable to view the new Crave content. If you would like to upgrade to an HD set-top box to view the new Crave content please contact us.

Is the TMN GO app still available? How can I watch Crave + Movies + HBO content on the go?

As of November 1st, 2018, the TMN GO app is no longer available. The good news is you can still access all of your favourite Crave + Movies + HBO content on the go with:

  • Rogers Anyplace TV app
  • Ignite TV app 
  • The Crave app

Simply sign in to each via your MyRogers username and password.

What devices can I use the new Crave app with?

The Crave app is currently available for iOS and Android. By November 15th, it will be available on Apple TV, Samsung Smart TVs (2014 – 2018), Xbox One, Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV Stick, and Amazon Fire TV. Simply sign in with your MyRogers username and password to access your Crave subscription.

I used the “Download and Go” feature with the TMN GO app. Can I continue to use this feature with the new Crave app?

Yes. The new Crave app includes Download and Go with select titles, similar to what was possible through TMN GO. Simply sign in with your MyRogers ID and password. You can download 10 movies or episodes at a time and keep them on your device for 15 days. Once you start watching a movie or episode, you will have 48 hours to complete it.



Will my watchlist and preferences from the TMN GO app automatically transfer over to the Crave app?

No, your watchlist and preferences will not transfer from TMN GO to the Crave app. The Crave app will allow you to create up to 5 separate profiles with their own watchlists per account.

Why can’t I access TMN Encore movies in the Crave app?

TMN Encore movies are not available through the Crave app. You can watch TMN Encore movies through the On Demand menu on your set-top box or via the Rogers Anyplace TV app or Ignite TV app. 

I currently subscribe to Crave directly through my credit card and also subscribe to Crave + Movies + HBO through my Rogers cable TV package. Should I continue to subscribe to both?

Your Crave + Movies + HBO subscription through your Rogers cable TV package includes all of the content you have been accessing through your Crave TV subscription, plus the latest movie releases and new seasons of HBO Canada series. So there is no need to continue your separate Crave subscription paid directly to Crave.